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Colorimetric analysis is a method of determining the concentration of a chemical element or chemical compound in a solution with the aid of a color reagent. The principle of analysis employs Beer Lambert Law.

DR900 Colorimeter

Do you test numerous colorimetric parameters in harsh, demanding environments?

The DR900 portable colorimeter allows for quick and easy access to your most frequently used testing methods in less than four clicks. This colorimeter is waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, and has been drop tested for greater quality assurance.

Which features are most valuable to you in a portable colorimeter?

This instrument comes with an intuitive user interface, large data storage, and a built-in USB port for the easy transfer of information. The portable colorimeter also helps satisfy core testing needs by offering at least 90 of the most common testing parameters.

DR300 Pocket Colorimeter

Proven past. Innovative future.

Meet the newest Hach pocket colorimeter

How do you make the best portable colorimeter on the market? Start with the tried and true Hach Pocket Colorimeter II – one that has been used by hundreds of thousands of water professionals in harsh conditions for almost two decades – and make key mechanical improvements: upgraded waterproofing; larger display; ergonomic design. Then infuse it with the smart capabilities that modern technology has to offer: optional Bluetooth connectivity with automatic data transfer, and seamless system integration*. The result is the Hach DR300 Pocket Colorimeter, the next generation in portable instrumentation. Reduce data collection hassles, eliminate transcription errors, and ensure stronger compliance traceability.

Over 13 single parameter versions of DR300 colorimeter are available e.g Free Chlorine, Zinc, Iron etc