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Chemical dosing System

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump Beta®

A range of different pump types and material combinations are available for virtually all metering applications. The virtually wear-free solenoid drive guarantees an exceptionally long service life even under maximum load.

Your benefits

  • Optional external control via 0/4 – 20 mA and potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down of 32:1 to 1:32
  • Simple adjustment of metering capacity via stroke rate and stroke length
  • Adaptation to existing signal transducers by external control via potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down
  • Suitable for use with almost all liquid chemicals thanks to the available material combinations: PP, PVDF, clear acrylic, PTFE and stainless steel
  • Self-bleeding dosing head design in clear acrylic/PVC and PP
  • Virtually wear-free solenoid drive: economical and overload-proof


We configure and support wide large choice of types, wide range of capacities: from a few ml, e. g. for laboratory use, to 40,000 l/h, e. g. for use in process engineering.

The technologies in detail:

  • Diaphragm metering pumps (mechanically deflected diaphragm)
  • Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps (hydraulically deflected diaphragm)
  • Plunger metering pumps
  • Peristaltic pumps

Classification by pump drive:

  • Solenoid-driven metering pumps
  • Motor-driven metering pumps
  • Pneumatic metering pumps

Find the right pump type in four steps

  • Specify pump capacity in liters per hour [l/h]
  • Specify back pressure in bar
  • Find the intersection of these two values and select the pump type that lies nearest to its


  • Wastewater treatment: Metering high-viscosity media / polymer solutions
  • Potable water treatment: Metering disinfectants
  • Foodstuffs industry: shear-sensitive media, aromas, additives
  • Paper industry: Metering additives
  • Cooling circuits: Metering corrosion inhibitors and biocides
  • Plastics production: Metering additives
  • General: Chemical metering up to 410 l/h


Dosatron water-powered, non-electric chemical injectors are the easiest, most reliable way to accurately inject chemicals into water lines. Dosatron injectors work using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow.


  • Water Flow.
  • Water enters the Dosatron body.
  • Concentrate is pulled up into the Dosatron.
  • Concentrate mixes with the incoming water.
  • Blended solution is discharged into the water line.