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Why test the water?

All water from natural resources contains dissolved substances. These chemicals and minerals are beneficial to our body if and only if their concentrations are within the set standards by WHO, ISO standards and other organization e.g. KEBS. Hence you need to know the chemical test of your H2O

What should I test for? If there are so many risks, doesn't it just make sense to get my water tested for everything?

While it is certainly possible to test for everything, this approach is very impractical because it is an expensive and time-consuming process. (Imagine going to the doctor and having him test you for everything imaginable rather than assessing your symptoms, history and lifestyle.) .

What are contaminants in water?

Water contaminants include:

  • Microbial pollutants e.g. e-coli, fecal coli forms.
  • Inorganic chemical pollutants e.g. arsenic, lead, nitrate.
  • Organic chemical pollutants e.g. nitrate, nitrite.
  • Radiological pollutants (radioactivity.)

Drinking water regulations and standards have the maximum contaminant level (MCL) – the level of a contaminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expected risk to health, for these contaminants.

What causes water contamination?

All water from natural sources contains dissolved substances. These substances are often called contaminants, especially when the amounts present are at possibly harmful or problematic levels. The substances in water can result from either natural processes or human activities. At low concentrations, many do not cause known harmful effects and may be beneficial. Research shows some substances may be harmful only when present at high enough concentrations.

The only way to know if the water you use for drinking and cooking contains potentially harmful substances at levels high enough to be of concern is to have the water tested. Analytical testing can determine what substances are present and their concentration levels.

After identifying the source of the water you need:-

  • Call our customer water expert 0722 54 73 44 for advise
  • Use a clean sampling bottle to draw 1l of water and deliver to our lab within 24hrs
  • We test and analyze the sample and send/collect the report

Do I need to analyze my borehole water daily?

Water chemistry is influenced but many environmental factors both during the dry and rainy spell. It’s advisable to do it regular or quarterly basis.

I have a private well that was tested when it was installed, why should I test?

Because contaminants seep into groundwater and can affect your drinking supply and this can change without your awareness. Well water must be tested on a regular basis.

Why can't I just buy a water filter? After all, it doesn't hurt to be too careful?

Because there is no one filter that will correct every water problem. For example, you can filter out minerals and still have bacteria. In fact, a cheap filter can become so loaded with bacteria in a few weeks that what comes out of it may be worse than what came in. If your water needs treatment, it must be treated for your specific problem.

Have I asked all the QUESTIONS about WATER?

AQUALYTIC LABORATORIES LTD has a team of water chemistry expert, environmentalist and technicians. The team has been in the water field for over ten years, trained both locally and internationally. And the ANSWER to the QUESTION is NO. Contact us and we will be able to offer our expertise.

How does the blockchainI can get a free water test from any company that sells filters, why should I pay for a water test? work?

Because those companies are not in the water testing business, they are in the business of selling water filters. This creates a conflict of interests, and you may wind up spending money to treat a problem that doesn’t exist. It is best to use an independent, certified lab, and deal directly with that lab. This way, there is no conflict of interests. Suburban water testing does not sell water treatment products, nor are they affiliated with anyone who does.

Why do environmentalists worry about finding a few parts per billion of some rare chemical?

They worry because tiny amounts of certain contaminants may slowly cause cancer or other diseases over a lifetime. Often water with a low level of contamination may have no adverse affect on healthy adults, but it can cause severe symptoms in babies, children, the elderly, or people with compromised immune systems. Why risk irreversible damage when it is so easy to test your water?

What do I do if I find out my water is unsafe?

Because there are many different types of problems each must be addressed separately. The general procedure you should follow is:

  • Switch to bottled water for consumption until you have the problem solved.
  • Call your Water quality/treatment expert,Municipal or Government Health Department for specific information and instructions on how to treat the problem.
  • Track down the SOURCE of the contamination.
  • Once you have addressed the problem, have FOLLOW UP TESTING done on a regular basis.