In many industries, water resources and energy management play a significant role. We appreciate the fact that water is a vital component to many industrial users in the market. Apparently, it is much more than just a method of steam generation, cooling, transport or more so cleaning medium. Ultimately, it is a vital constituent of the product being produced or the process it performs. Therefore value, efficiency and cost intricacies must come into play for better economic performance.

However, these resources do not feature as core business for many industries. With this understanding, Aqualytic Laboratories Ltd. is committed to competently handle water and waste water management issues holistically on behalf of these companies as it lets them concentrate on their core businesses.

This, over time, has resulted in subcontracts in which AQL has been left in charge of Operating and maintaining plants after installation.


Our Commitment

  • Effective and creative ways of optimizing water and energy saving
  • Reduction of maintenance and operating costs through effective monitoring and treatment of water and associate equipment
  • Increased equipment lifespan, availability and efficiency
  • Ensuring effective communication between management by issuing technical and monthly reports in which we evaluate successes or failures of treatment and offer consultancy with regards to Quality Control and Improvement
  • Working with the management in ensuring that the OEM recommendations are met
  • Prevention of unplanned outage resulting from water related challenges
    Trouble shooting on behalf or with the concerned staff whenever there is a cycle upset requiring Root Cause Analysis.

Field of Expertise

  • Potable Water; RO, EDI and Polisher Technologies
  • Water Treatment Processes Optimization
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Water Treatment Chemicals; Hydrex Range of Chemicals among Others
  • Cooling Water Treatment; Both Open and Closed Loop Circulation Systems
  • Boiler Water Treatment; Low Pressure (<40Bars) and Medium to High Pressure (>40-160Bar)
  • Consultancy and Training in Lab and Water Treatment
  • Legionella Control and Monitoring.

Aqualytic Laboratories Limited has a proven methodology for engaging customers using a collaborative solution process to understand business needs.