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Xenosep® SPE Starter Kit Without Hexane Recovery Option

At last, an easy, EPA-approved method for oil and grease!

Xenosep Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) Systems offer the easiest and most cost effective way to test for Oil and Grease using EPA Method 1664A. Fast, in-house results enable you to maintain control over your plant discharges in real time without the complications of the hexane LLE procedure. Xenosep SPE filters feature a unique triple layer that prevents premature clogging and flows 10 times faster than typical SPE filters. It is now possible to easily achieve reliable, consistent Oil and Grease results and decrease your sample turnaround time. A free training video on CD is included with each Starter Kit to show your lab how to perform EPA Method 1664A by SPE. For more information on Xenosep SPE Systems, visit our website at www.hach.com/xenosep.

Xenosep SPE Systems are available in convenient kits which include the components for 24 tests and all the glassware required to process them, one at a time. Replacement components are also available.