AT1000 Potentiometric Titrator with 1 Burette and 2 Pumps

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Automatic titration without all the costs and complications

The AT1122 is a reliable, accurate, and easy to use an instrument that simplifies complex titrations in the laboratory. This titrator was designed in Germany as part of the Hach Titralab® AT1000 family of automatic titrators and includes one burette, two pumps, and two measurement inputs. The titrator is delivered preassembled for easy installation and does not require complex programming like other titration systems on the market. This system offers superb dependability so you don’t suffer from downtime and it’s easy to use for all skill levels, reducing operator training and use time. In many cases using an auto titrator will allow the operator to prepare the next sample while the instrument is performing the current measurement, thus improving lab throughput. More importantly however, the Hach AT1122 automatic titrator eliminates manual processes and operator interpretation, significantly improving accuracy and reliability so you can trust your measurements from day to day. If you perform titrations you will love this titration system!

Application Packs
The AT1122 instrument can be used with the following Hach Application Packs:
– Free & Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite, Sulfite (Hach p/n AP0007.AT1122)
This application pack is designed to replace the Autocat 9000 Chlorine Amperometric Titrator
– Free & Total SO₂ in wine (Hach p/n AP0012.AT1122)
– The AT1122 can also run any applications listed for the AT1102 and AT1112
Each application pack includes a pre-programmed application that runs on the instrument as well as a set of accessories necessary to perform your titrations. Please review the specific webpage for each application pack for further details, and we suggest selecting your Application Pack before the instrument. If you haven’t found the application pack that meets your needs on this page please enter “AT1000 Application Pack” in the search field, hit enter and then click on the “PRODUCT FAMILY: AT1000 Application Packs” to see the full list of Hach’s AT1000 Application Packs.

Ordering Information
A base titration system consists of an Application Pack and an Instrument, so please make sure you add the Application Pack and the Instrument (Hach p/n AT1122) to your Hach order. In addition, make sure you added the reagents required to perform your titration measurements when you selected your Application Pack. If you haven’t done this, navigate to the Application Pack website, review the method found under the “Parameter/Reagent” tab for a list of reagents and then select what you need under the “Consumables” tab. If you have any questions about the instrument, the application packs or the reagents after reviewing our website content please contact Hach Technical support. We have a great team of experts who can quickly and painlessly guide you through the process.

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AT1122 Key Benefits

  • Accurate and Reliable Titration Results
  • Easy to Use for all Operators
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Improves Lab Safety
  • Low Maintenance


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